Today I had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the book “Religions and Pandemic in Italy: Doctrine, Community and Care,” edited by Emanuela Claudia Del Re and Paolo Naso. The book delves into the profound impact of the pandemic on religious communities. Through compelling narratives, interviews, and insightful analysis, it sheds light on the experiences of religious leaders who have witnessed firsthand the suffering and challenges brought about by this global crisis.

After the initial greetings from Giuseppe Conte, former Prime Minister, various religious leaders took turns recounting the moments of suffering and challenges during the terrible pandemic. I told my personal experience as Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies and how the Italian parliament had to face the difficulties of voting.

The book not only explores the struggles faced by religious communities but also examines how they have come together to offer solace, support, and care to those in need. By highlighting these stories, it underscores the resilience and strength that can emerge from faith during times of adversity.

“Religions and Pandemic in Italy” offers valuable insights into how religious doctrine, community bonds, and acts of compassion have shaped Italy’s response to this crisis. It is a must-read for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between religion and public health during challenging times.